Design Thinking

How We Built Nutshell

Read about our partnership with the design team at Box Clever.

Meet Nutshell’s Chief Coconut Officer

Read about the man who saw the value in the region’s most abundant and overlooked resource.
Design Thinking

Rebuilding Our Plastic World on a Natural Foundation

Read about society's reliance on plastic, and the alternative we think has the best shot at disrupting the plastic economy (Hint: think Nutshell).
Design Thinking

How Fishermen and Farmers Became our Co-Designers

As the end of the year draws near, we reflect on our startup journey.

The Magic of Nutshell Coolers

The magic of Nutshell Coolers is in the coconut insulation. Watch this video to learn more!

We are on a mission to replace plastic with upcycled agricultural waste.

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